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Trapping, Removal and Damage Repairs

Yes, we can capture, remove and control problem skunks!
In fact, trapping and removing skunks from yards, garages, woodpiles, sheds and from under sheds, homes and other structures is one of our more common calls.

The number one reason for skunk removal pertains to "departed skunks." Harbor Wildlife Control removes a significant number of dead skunks from wall voids, culverts (drainage pipes) and from under homes. 
As a dead skunk decomposes, the "skunk smell," or essence is slowly released and can last for many months. The lingering smell of skunk essence often fools one into believing that skunks are alive, well and spraying on their property, when in fact, a hidden dead skunk is often the cause of the skunk smell.
Harbor Wildlife Control can remove dead skunks and capture, trap, remove and control problem skunks for you in rural, urban and suburban settings. We remove unwanted skunks from crawlspaces, walls, garages, sheds and wherever they happen to be causing problems.

Residents who own pets, especially dogs, should be careful to supervise their animal’s outdoor activities if skunks are known to frequent the area. When skunks are startled by another animal, they will discharge their spray at the aggressor. In addition to their smell, skunks dig up gardens and lawns looking for insects to eat and can carry dangerous diseases like rabies. If they create dens under buildings, skunks may cause structural damage.
We have heard "How do I get rid of skunks?" hundreds of times, so please do not hesitate giving us a ring for any of your skunk removal and control needs.

If Pepe le Pew needs to go, we are here for you at (207) 736-1016. Tell Frank that Pepe sent you! 

The Health Risks
Skunks are mammals and can carry the rabies virus. As with any wild animal, you should get medical attention if you come into physical contact with one. Rabies is fatal if not treated with the vaccine in a timely manner.

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